The Beach House Malibu

Beach House Treatment Center

Rehab Treatment Center located in exclusive and private Malibu, California.

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Malibu Beach Treatment

Situated on the most private and exclusive sandy beach in Malibu, Broad Beach. The Beach House recovery home offers a unique blend of amenities in an ultra luxury oceanfront home, and the support and guidance of an expert team of recovery professionals. Oceanfront opulence abounds at The Beach House recovery home. With tropical landscaping and pristine white sand beaches, this is a home unlike any other– offering elegant accommodations, beachfront decks and spectacular views on all five levels, peaceful and inspirational environment and perfectly appointed private and semi-private suites. There is a private elevator in the home as well as a beautiful staircase. The kitchen is word class for any chef and we keep it stocked and full of fresh vegetables, meals, and fruits.

There is a professional size pool table in the main living area for sober fun and entertainment. We offer an on-site gym with elliptical machine and treadmill as well as a private pool and hot tub on the deck that sits on top of the magnificent beach. The views and sounds of this experience of living matches no other in the world. The Broad Beach area of Malibu is home to many people who are in the entertainment and music industry, and they are attracted to the area’s privacy and remote setting. Broad Beach is a one-mile stretch of beautiful Malibu coastline and includes many beachfront homes. A fact that is not often spoke about is that Broad Beach Road was originally part of the famous Hwy 1 known as Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) before PCH was rerouted. The popular Zuma Beach is to the east of Broad Beach and Victoria Point to the west. You will enjoy sober living in Los Angeles!

Sober Living In Los Angeles

Our focus is on ensuring our clients’ lifelong recovery while offering a custom tailored program to accommodate each individuals specific needs.

We understand that every client’s path to recovery is unique, and we seek to personalize our treatment with this in mind. Our personalized treatment plans allow our clinicians to maximize our clients’ chances of a return to healthy living and sober living in Los Angeles.


Our advanced and ever-evolving clinical methods ensure the efficient recovery of our clients.

We combine the best elements of Western medicine and Eastern healing processes in order to form our holistic treatment model. This combination allows for optimal healing of the body, spirit and mind.

Our addiction program includes both traditional and evidence-based practices and treatment types; we are always looking for new ways to help those in need.

Our collaborations with nationally-recognized treatment providers furthers our success rates, as well as the ongoing sobriety of our participants.

Former program participants need never feel alone; we offer alumni support to all of our previous clients. This ongoing support helps to prevent relapses and other serious incidents.


We treat all of our clients as unique individuals and subsequently mold their recovery to their specific needs.

Our multidisciplinary team considers many factors when constructing a recovery plan. These include:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and overall health
  • Mental health and emotional well-being
  • History of substance abuse
  • Relationships with family
  • Past traumatic events
  • Co-occurring disorders or conditions

Mindfulness-Based interventions are one of our more contemporary evidence-based approaches. Mindfulness skills have been scientifically proven to help individuals when dealing with stress, and can also increase emotional resilience. Mindfulness promotes greater self-awareness and self-compassion, as well as encouraging the observation of one’s thoughts and feelings without judgment.

It has been shown that mindfulness meditation practices can alter the composition and performance of the brain, leading to healthier thought processes over time that greatly benefit brains dealing with the effects of addictive behavior. We also seek to provide more advanced approaches for our participants, such as our integrated approaches based on Western medicine; ongoing discoveries in the neurobiology of addictive behavior; and Eastern healing physiotherapy practices.

This holistic combination of treatments and approaches allow us to aid to recovery of the body, brain and mind.

The mental and physical aspects concerning addictive behavior make this combination paramount.

Treatment Modalities include:

  • Psychotherapy for Groups and Individuals
  • Relational Healing
  • Neurofeedback observed via BrainPaint
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Interventions for Sex and Love Addiction
  • Family Therapy sessions
  • Telemedicine
  • Family Telemedicine
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Relapse Prevention
  • Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention
  • Co-dependency Treatment
  • 12-Step Program administration
  • Introductory Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Psychoeducational sessions
  • Physical exercise activities (i.e. swimming, hiking, gym, surfing and similar outdoor activities)
  • Experiential activities and interventions (i.e. music therapy, art classes, trauma-informed psychodrama, mindfulness, yoga, meditation etc.)
A beach while sober living in Los Angeles


We actively keep in touch and communicate with the families of our clients (if they so wish). We keep the families updated on their loved ones’ progress, as well as our recommended channels for treatment.

Based on Family Systems Therapy, we treat each client’s family as one big supportive unit. We know that the families of our clients may have issues and knock-on-effects affecting them too; we encourage them to also take part in our bespoke wellness plans.

Families can participate in family therapy sessions if they so wish. This may be subject however to the opinion of the client’s treatment team. Some of our participants may not wish to take part in these sessions, or may not benefit from such therapy in their current state.

These personalized sessions can be ran any day of the week – whenever suits your family best. Families may also be invited to take part in family telemedicine if they cannot attend in person due to distance or work commitments etc.

Our Family Program can be attended by clients and their families for up to 6 months after the client’s discharge.

This flexible service allows patients to take part in sessions with their chosen family member(s) on a pre-arranged or ad hoc basis. Families can have Al-Anon, CODA and ACA meeting referrals made available for them too.


We see our Advocacy and Support program as a crucial component of our world-class treatment. The current U.S. Surgeons General Report advises us that the transition from residential treatment services to the uncontrolled situations and temptations we experience in “real life” can be difficult for many. However, this transition can be traversed successfully if continuing structured care is in place.  Our diverse and well-researched Advocacy and Support program enables former addicts to succeed in their continued sobriety and reintroduction into the “real world”.


All clients that have maintained their sobriety are encouraged to come back and take part in a 3-day treatment program that seeks to strengthen and reinforce the skills they initially cultivated at The Beach House. Alumni should ideally be accommodated at The Beach House during this guesting opportunity. However, due to the exclusive and demanding nature of the clinic’s work; it may sometimes be best for them to reside in a nearby hotel.



These complimentary sessions may occur in person at The Beach House Malibu, or can alternatively take place at The Beach House Center for Wellness, over Skype, or via telephone. Sessions can be organized for individuals, couples or families as required.



On the first and third Thursday evenings of the month, we hold our alumni meetings. All clients are advised to attend these. We prepare a nutritious dinner over a picturesque Malibu view, which is followed by a speaker meeting wherein alumni share their experiences of hope, strength, and peer support.


Alumni are invited to take part in the planning and implementation of our annual alumni weekend. Recovery workshops, beach yoga, barbecues and a general camaraderie make the weekend a brilliant occasion for all. Family and friends are encouraged to attend also. Sober Recreational activities on offer include golf, sailing, swimming and other Malibu-based activities.


We consult clients on appropriate therapeutic support in his/her local area. This could be in the form of an individual therapist, or even an intensive outpatient program. The client has a pre-scheduled meeting with the therapeutic support person or program prior to their discharge. The Multidisciplinary Team then consults and advises the patient on the optimal environment and measures necessary to ensure their ongoing recovery. For example, it may be advisable to temporarily reside with a sober living companion, or perhaps sign up for a transitional living environment such as a local Sober Living community. Site visits and comparisons can be arranged by our staff, who may also attend sober living communities with clients. This gives our outpatients the opportunity to mingle and socialize with their potential neighbors or roommates. Further monitoring is recommended and organized via nationally-accredited monitoring companies.


12-Step meetings can be invaluable for some clients, and that’s why our clinical assistants introduce newcomers to this process. They also outline the choosing of a temporary sponsor who will guide their recovery path and inevitably maximize the potential advantages of sponsorship. The patient will learn how to select a permanent sponsor during this transition. 12-Step meeting calendars are provided to all of our clients, and we educate our guests on how to apply the 12 steps to their life both during and after their Beach House Malibu treatment.


Sustained sobriety often requires continued contact and support from a former addict’s place of recovery, and we seek to facilitate this.  Our telephone and communication services for alumni ensure that our organization receives regular updates and news about our former patients’ sober living, and can provide any further support that may be necessary. Our Alumni Coordinator calls each and every Alumnus for one year following their discharge: weekly for the first month; bimonthly for the second month; and monthly for the rest of the year. If a former client asks the Alumni Coordinator for extra support- a therapist will schedule a teletherapy session in order to establish any additional help that we can subsequently provide.


The Beach House Malibu is reachable 24/7 via our email and telephone systems. We believe that this knowledge is important for our alumni; we’re only ever a quick call away.


Beach House Malibu recommends that clients seek spiritual care if they feel that it will benefit them and aid their recovery. We will arrange spiritual care connections for our participants in any way that we can.


Our well-traveled Chef has cooked in some of the best kitchens across the globe. She offers unique fusion dishes, healthy cooking methods, and overall sublime culinary skills. Every meal is lovingly prepared and intended to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Healthy living while sober living in Los Angeles

Our chefs prepare all meals daily and from scratch. They understands the positive effects that balanced nutrition can have on your recovery process. We use organic ingredients, and seek to find the freshest, healthiest ingredients. Portion control and distinctive blend of foods is designed to balance protein, gluten, and carbohydrate levels. Our chefs cooking methods also keep the glycemic index low and boost dopamine levels in the body.

Our private chefs can carefully tailor dishes according to the specific dietary / allergy requirements of each client.