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Sober Living or Drug Rehab?

Sober Living or Drug RehabMalibu Beach Sober Living offers the most inspirational environment combined with a comprehensive support system that will facilitate ongoing and successful recovery. Many time we are asked if we will accept someone into our program that has been released from a drug rehab. We accept those who are willing and able to meet our requirements. This includes those who have been through a drug rehab program and even those who have not been through a program.

Our experience has shown us that people can and do get sober from many different avenues. If a person is willing to follow direction and live a clean and sober lifestyle. They are welcomed to be a part of our sober community.

Most commonly, a person will come into a sober living environment after a stay in a residential drug rehabilitation program, or if they have had a previous alcohol or addiction treatment, but have had a relapse.

Many times a drug rehab program is the best place to start. An individual can become immersed in recovery very quickly while removed from daily stressors such as a job, or personal relationships, and daily responsibilities. However, there are those occasions where a person is ready to get sober, perhaps they have had a stint at recovery before, or they just know they can get sober – if they live in a clean and sober environment. This would be an excellent opportunity to try a sober living.

Malibu Beach Sober Living offers unique opportunities for those who wish to participate. Please call today to find out more.