Our Unique Program

Our Unique ProgramThe Unique Program offered at Malibu Beach Sober Living is a transitional sanctuary between primary treatment and your return to a new life in recovery. Believing that you can thrive in a luxurious environment while pursuing necessary structure and discipline, we will help you create your vision of sobriety. The steps to this vision include specific elements that are cornerstones of a successful transition via your individually designed recovery plan. Your recovery plan begins the first day at one of our homes when our team of expert professionals will hold your hand through the process of admission and orientation to the elegant surroundings and comfortable schedule of activities. With superb nutrition, rest and mindful planning, your vision of sobriety will be carefully constructed through a gentle review of what has worked in your life, and what has not.


Together, we will build on your strengths and shine a light on your challenges through the systematic incorporations of:
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  • Comprehensive review of continuing care plans
  • Personal training
  • Financial recovery
  • Spiritual recovery
  • Relationship recovery
  • Anger management

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  • Time management
  • Medical referrals
  • Psychological referrals
  • Dental referrals
  • Sober fun
  • 12-Step Meetings