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Malibu Beach Sober Living Program

Malibu Beach Sober Living Program OfficeThe World’s Most Elegant and Beautiful Sober Living Environment Located in exclusive and private Malibu, California; it is the ideal place for continuing your recovery and commitment to a new way of life.

Agreeing to participate in a sober living program such as Malibu Beach Sober Living requires a commitment to recovery. We believe in creating a customized program for each person. This customization will reflect the work that has be done up to this point and allow for goals and achievements to continue.

Our sober living is not just a place to hang your hat and declare you are living in a sober atmosphere. We require accountability for daily living. Each person will have different criteria of what that looks like and our dedicated staff is there to asset successful and sustainable recovery.

Some of our residents will be working, while others will be in day programs. Some of our residents do not need to work and choose to be of service to the community. One thing all residents have in common is the commitment to recovery and active participation in recovery.

We work closely with many clinicians and expect our residents who need clinical care to work closely with our staff to insure needs are being met. We offer transportation when needed and if appropriate residents can have their own cars to use as they please.