Our program is designed to meet the needs of adult women and men who desire a supportive environment that is harmonious with building a new lifestyle. Malibu Beach Sober Living recovery homes accommodate individuals who are willing to embrace and practice a healthy life of balance and commitment to the recovery process. We have created an environment with an experienced staff that can serve individuals with substance dependence and co-existing disorders including:


We define this by an individual who suffers from physical, mental, or psychological dependence on a substance. If a person meet our criteria, we expect an individual who is committed to complete abstinence from alcohol, marijuana, opiates, prescription drugs and any other mood altering chemicals.



We define this as an individual who has suffered extreme psychological or physical trauma in their life. If our criteria is met, our homes have helped many individuals learn to live with whatever disability their trauma has left behind. Living a productive life is the most freeing experience for a trauma survivor.

Eating Disorders

We define this as a person who is struggling with anorexia, bulimia, over eating, unhealthy eating, binge eating. Once an individual comes into our care and is committed to health – we strive to help them meet and obtain their goals with this disorder.

Mood & Personality Disorders

We define this as those individuals suffering from Depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorders, personality disorders, and borderline personality disorders. Once an individual with these disorders commits to live in one of our homes, we closely monitor and work with together with the individual to begin to have life skills while living a life of sobriety.